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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How old does my child have to be to start kindergarten?

A: Children must turn five years old by August 1 to start kindergarten.

Q: When can I register my child for kindergarten?

A: Registration begins January 1 each year for kindergarten registration. Parents are encouraged to register their student early to assist the district in planning class sizes and staffing at each building.

Q: What is required for registration?

A: Parents must complete registration forms and present a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, proof of residency, immunization record and court custody papers if applicable. Please visit our student registration page for detailed information on registering your child for school at www.dcs.k12.oh.us.

Q: What is the kindergarten schedule?

A: Kindergarten students attend school for a full day on either a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule and all students will attend a half day of school on Wednesday. Students will receive their schedule during the summer.

Q: Are there options for my child on non-school days?

A: The district offers a kindergarten school age child care program (K-SACC) for days your student is not attending kindergarten. You may also arrange private childcare through local day care centers or in home providers.

Q: How can I request a particular placement for my child?

A: You may express your preference at kindergarten information night and/or during kindergarten screening if you would like your child on a particular schedule. We attempt to honor as many requests as possible. Placement in all day, every day kindergarten is determined by student need based on the screening process.

Q: When is kindergarten screening?

A: Kindergarten screening will be held in June. You will make an appointment when you register your child.

Q: What is assessed at kindergarten screening?

A: Students will be asked to complete tasks including counting, writing his/her name, identifying letters, numbers and shapes, identifying the sounds that letters make and early reading skills.

Q: Do kindergarten students ride the bus?

A: Yes, students may ride the bus if they live in a busing area. To find out if your child lives within a busing area, call the transportation office at 740-833-1650.

Q: Do kindergarten students eat lunch at school?

A: Yes, on full days of school students may purchase a lunch through the school cafeteria or pack a lunch to eat during lunch time. Lunch is not provided for kindergarten students on Wednesdays during the half day of school. A breakfast program is also available.

Q: Will the school dispense medication to my child?

A: Yes, a parent/guardian may authorize school personnel to administer medication to your student. Please check with your school office to complete the appropriate forms.

Last Modified on February 19, 2014