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Blizzard Bags

Delaware City Schools has obtained approval to utilize “blizzard bag” assignments to make up missed school days. Blizzard bags continue the learning at home with grade appropriate assignments when the district cannot hold classes because of severe weather. The district is permitted to use up to three (3) blizzard bag days instead of making up days at the end of the school year.

Blizzard Bag Instructions
Basic Steps: Please read all steps before opening the "Blizzard Bag Assignments Day 2."
Step 1: Click the link to the right to open
the Blizzard Bag folder.
Step 2: Click on the folder labeled for the building you or your student attends.
Step 3: Elementary Students - Select the grade level for your student and open the assignment sheet. Then select at least one  special (art, music or physical education) and complete that task also.

Willis Students - Complete the assignments for your grade level and then select the creative arts class (Art, Physical Education or Tech Education) you were taking during the third nine weeks.
Dempsey & Hayes Students - Complete the assignments from the department folders for each of the classes you take. You should complete an assignment for each subject area for which you have a class including your elective courses.

Students only need to complete assignments labeled as day 2. Day 2 assignments are due Friday, April 11. In some cases, day 1 and day 2 assignments were listed on the same document.
Important Notes
All students have two weeks from the return of school to complete the blizzard bag assignments for that day.
Any student without internet access may request the blizzard bag assignments upon their return to school.
If you have difficulties accessing an assignment, please contact the teacher who created the assignment.