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Blizzard Bags

Delaware City Schools has opted to use blizzard bag assignments to continue the learning at home with grade appropriate assignments when the district cannot hold classes because of severe weather.

Blizzard Bag Instructions
Basic Steps: Please read all steps before opening the "Blizzard Bag Assignments."
Step 1: Click the link to the right to open
the Blizzard Bag folder.
Step 2: Click on the folder labeled "Elementary Schools"
Step 3: Select the grade level for your student and open the assignment sheet.

Willis Students - Teachers have communicated where you will find your assignment: whether it is on their teacher website or created in our Canvas learning system. If you have any questions, contact your teacher through email.
Dempsey & Hayes Students -Teachers will communicate where you can find your assignments. Questions should be directed to your teachers.

Important Notes
Any student without internet access may request the blizzard bag assignments upon their return to school.
If you have difficulties accessing an assignment, please contact the teacher who created the assignment.