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     Hi !    

    Welcome to Honors Biology and AP Biology!
    We will be using CANVAS in place of this webpage for online work.  Information on how to sign up for your CANVAS course should be available to you when you pick up your schedule .

    Schedule Pick-Up

    Wednesday, August 9th  

    7-10 am and 12-3 pm

    Thursday, August 10th  

    7-11 am and 3-7 pm 

    Freshman Orientation

    Monday, August 14th, 

    12-2 pm

    Materials List 

    Honors Biology 

    • Bring your technology, book, 3-ring binder, lined paper, 1-2 composition notebooks for journaling, sharpened pencils, ruler, graph paper, markers or colored pencils, and a calculator

    AP Biology

    • 3- Ring Binder

    • Calculator- 4-function with square root is all that is allowed on the AP exam. Please read the calculator policy below for more detail.

    • Colored Pencils/markers

    • BYOT - bring your own technology:  lap top, chrome book, tablet, or smart phone

    • Science Lab Notebook- These can be hard to find.  I will try to get some online which you will be able to  purchase from the office.  If you find one for $6.00-$8.00 that's pretty good

    Engineering and Science Notebook.JPG 

    Jane Kovatch
    AP Biology, Honors Biology, Biology
    Rutherford B. Hayes High School
    Room 1201
    Email Address: kovatcja@delawarecityschools.net

    Phone number: 833-1010 ext. 4413

    Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have about class.

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