• School Counseling Services
    At Dempsey Middle School, Mrs. Bastel, Mrs. Nicely and Mrs. Holley are available to assist with academic, career and personal/social needs. We are licensed professional school counselors trained to help students achieve success. The American School Counselor Association details why school counselors are important and what school counselors can do for middle school students here
    School counseling services are available for every student. Students, parents and staff may request additional services as needed. Our program components include but are not limited to:
    Individual Counseling:*
    • Student, parent, teacher, administrator and counselor referrals
    • Social/emotional concerns
    • Academic skill development

    Group Counseling:* 

    Individual Student Planning:
    • Academic planning and course scheduling
    • Career and future planning
    • Schedule changes subject to administrator approval
    New Student Orientation:
    • Scheduling classes
    • Tours of the building
    Transition Services from 5th Grade and to 9th Grade:
    • 5th Grade Parent Information Night
    • 5th Grade tours at Dempsey
    • 8th Grade Parent Information Night
    • 9th Grade scheduling at Dempsey/meeting with Hayes 9th Grade Counselor
    Classroom Guidance: 
    • School Counselor introduction lessons
    • Transition and scheduling
    Connect Families to Community Resources:
    • Mental Health referrals
    • Community resources
    Test Coordination:
    • 6th, 7th and 8th Grade AIR testing
    Career Exploration Services:
    • Career assessments
    • Career research
     School Counselors
    *Confidentiality Statement:  All information disclosed to the counselor will be regarded as confidential and privileged except for those situations which require disclosure by State or Federal law.  Situations that may require reporting regardless of student, parent or guardian permission include: possible abuse or neglect, possible danger to self or others and court order.