• What Is The PTO?

    The Schultz Elementary PTO stands for Parent/Teacher Organization. It is an organization that enables parents, teachers and other staff members to work together for the good of the school. The PTO uses fundraisers and events to raise money for classroom materials, field trips, school equipment, books, and much more. Members vote on these fundraisers, as well as the way the money is used.

    Can Parents Attend?

    Absolutely! Parents make up a vital part of the PTO. And because the PTO is directly involved with the materials and events a classroom receives, it's very beneficial to attend meetings regularly so that you know what's being allocated for what use. It also gives you a chance to get involved with your school and contribute to your child's education.

    What's It Like?

    Members gather in the Art Room on the second Tuesday of each month, at 7 pm. After signing in, board members discuss the current and upcoming activities in the school. Sometimes there will be a special presentation about a particular event or issue. Fundraisers and events are discussed, and members vote on these issues and on the way the money obtained by fundraisers are used to help the school. It's not all business though. We have a lot of fun during the meetings, and everyone always leaves excited about assisting the school in helping our kids.

    It's Helpful To Volunteer

    The PTO runs on volunteers. If you can just help in one small way, it makes a huge difference in the school. And the events bring you closer to the school and the people involved, which only helps your kids. We appreciate all who volunteer any amount of time to the PTO events and activities!

    I Don't Have a Babysitter

    You don't need a sitter. The PTO provides a babysitter for children of PTO members, free of charge. Babysitters have plenty of activities ready for your kids, including games, coloring activities and crafts. The kids have a lot of fun.


    How Do I Get Involved?

    Just attend one of the upcoming meetings. Each meeting is on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 pm, in the Art Room.