• Lunch, Recess, and Specials

    Lunch-Lunch begins at 12:00.  Students are dismissed for Recess beginning
    at 12:15 (no earlier).  Students DO NOT need to be finished eating by 12:15.
    If students need extra time to finish their lunch, they have plenty of time to do so
    (go to Recess when finished).
    Recess-Recess begins at 12:15 (or when students finish their lunch), and is
    over at 12:45.
    Monday-Music (10:10-10:50)
    Tuesday-Physical Education (10:10-10:50)
    Wednesday-NO SPECIAL
    Thursday-Technology (10:10-10:50)
    Friday-Art (10:10-10:50) AND Library (10:55-11:35)



Last Modified on August 12, 2017