Mr. K.’s Class Information (2018-2019)


    Chad Kilhefner (Mr. K.)

    Carlisle Elementary

    746 State Route 37 West

    Delaware, Ohio 43015

    833-1450 (Carlisle Elementary)

    833-1000 (ext. 2452)-voice mail

    kilhefch@delawarecityschools.net (e-mail)




    *Daily Schedule-The mornings of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will consist of read-aloud/shared reading and Interactive Writing, Calendar/math instruction, and Writing Workshop. The afternoon (after lunch and recess) will consist of direct language arts instruction (read-aloud/shared reading and Interactive Writing, Guided Reading, and Word Study).  On Friday (when we have two Specials in the morning), the morning will consist of read-aloud/shared reading and Interactive Writing, and Calendar/math instruction.  The afternoon will consist of read-aloud/shared reading and interactive writing, Guided Reading, Writing Workshop, and our end-of-week activities (Mystery Trash, table-top cleaning, ClassDojo rewards, and passing out Friday Folders).  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DAILY SCHEDULE WILL CHANGE.  ONCE THE SCHOOL YEAR GETS GOING, THERE ARE CONSTANT “TWEAKS” THAT NEED TO BE MADE FOR VARIOUS REASONS (TIME JUST DIDN’T WORK, STUDENTS NEED STUFF MOVED AROUND FOR THEIR BENEFIT, ETC.).

    Lunch and recess are from 12:00 to 12:45.  There is only one recess (AFTER lunch), but others can be earned.  There are restroom and drink breaks throughout the day (and on an as-is-needed basis).  Science and Social Studies are usually worked into other areas (like a Language Arts and/or Math Lesson), but can sometimes be a stand-alone lesson (time permitting).


    *Arrival and Dismissal-Students may enter the building at the 8:20 bell (either front doors or gymnasium doors). School officially begins at 8:30.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK YOUR CHILD IN.  Dismissal is at 3:15.  You may wait for your child outside of the gymnasium doors, as those are the doors we use to exit at the end of the day.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IF SOMETHING CHANGES WITH HOW YOUR CHILD IS GOING HOME, THAT YOU WRITE A NOTE AND/OR CALL. ALSO, MAKE SURE TO WRITE A NOTE AND/OR CALL IF YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO LEAVE EARLY FOR SOME REASON, HAVE A PLANNED ABSENCE, GO HOME THE SAME WAY BUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE, ETC.




    Monday=Music (10:10-10:50)

    Tuesday=Physical Education (10:10-10:50)  REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR CHILD WEAR THE APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR.

    Wednesday=NO SPECIAL

    Thursday=Technology (10:10-10:50)

    Friday=Art: REMEMBER TO SEND IN AN ART SHIRT FOR YOUR CHILD (10:10-10:50) AND Library (10:55-11:35)




    *Language Arts-Carlisle Elementary is part of a program called Literacy Collaborative, which is used to work toward the K-12 English Language Arts Academic Content Standards for the state of Ohio.  This program was developed at The Ohio State University.  I have included some Literacy Collaborative information.  This information will introduce you to the framework of Literacy Collaborative.


    *Math-This is our first year using Eureka Math (also known as EngageNY).  A few teachers piloted Eureka Math last year, but none of them were Kindergarten teachers.  I am going to learn about Eureka Math as I go, just like my students.  I am very excited to use this new math program!


    *Science-The Science program that we use is the Harcourt Science Program.  Science instruction is through a combination of integration into Language Arts/Science-only time.


    *Social Studies-The Social Studies program that we use is also by Harcourt.  It is called Harcourt Horizons-About My World.  Social Studies instruction is through a combination of integration into Language Arts/Social Studies-only time.


    *Assessments-Report Cards and Interim Reports go home once every grading period.  Reports Cards are accessible online.  If you would like a hard-copy, just call the office and let them know.  Interim Reports go home as a hard-copy.  Interim Reports go home between Report Cards.  There are many assessment tools we use to determine what gets marked on Report Cards.  We use DRAs (Developmental Reading Assessments) to determine student reading levels.  Eureka Math has various assessments throughout the program.  MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) is a computerized test that students take (reading and math) three times (beginning, middle, and end) during the school year.




    *Communication-At the top of the first page of this packet I have included my voice mail number and e-mail address, as well as the school’s phone number and address.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I will try to get back with

    you as soon as possible.  You can also send a note in with your child, as I ask for notes every morning.  A note can also be placed in your child’s Friday Folder (more information on that in a few minutes).  A class calendar and a class newsletter will be electronically sent home once a month (and posted on my class website).  A school newsletter will be sent home once a month in Friday Folders.


    *Class Website-I have a class website.  To access the class web site, type in the following web address (http://www.dcs.k12.oh.us). Once there, move your cursor over “Schools,” and click on “Carlisle Elementary.”  Next, move your cursor over “Carlisle,” and click on “First Grade.”  Lastly, click on the website link next to my name. If you would like, you may access the class website directly by using the following address (https://www.dcs.k12.oh.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=3110).


    *Snack/Lunch/Recess-There is a page about snack in this booklet.  Snack is worked into whatever we are doing (eat and work, eat and work, etc.).  This means that there is not a separate Snack Time.  Snack is optional. I would appreciate it if your child does not have anything to drink during snack.  If he/she gets thirsty, we have a water fountain in the classroom.  Please make sure that your child knows the difference between snack and lunch.  Students will go to lunch from 12:00 to 12:15, and then recess from 12:15 to 12:45.  STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE TO BE FINISHED EATING LUNCH AT 12:15.  STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED AS MUCH TIME AS THEY NEED TO FINISH THEIR LUNCH BEFORE GOING OUTSIDE TO RECESS.  Every morning I ask if any students have any lunch money.  Lunch money gets put on a lunch debit card.  It would make things a lot easier for myself (and the cashier) if you put your child’s lunch money in a baggie or envelope, and label it with their name.  If possible, avoid sending lunch money in every day.  Every student will receive a lunch debit card, regardless of whether or not they buy anything.  This card will always stay at school.


    *Conferences-There are two conference times during the school year.  Fall Conferences are in November, and Winter/Spring Conferences are in March.




    *ClassDojo/Treasure Chest/extra rewards/Derby and Scoop-ClassDojo is an online classroom management tool that I use to reinforce positive behaviors.  Students can earn (and lose) points based on certain behaviors that I am looking for.  I have a TREASURE CHEST that students will be able to pick items from depending on how many ClassDojo points that they for the week.  I also have a ClassDojo for the whole class.  The class can earn/lose points for the same behaviors that I am looking for on an individual basis.  When the class earns enough ClassDojo points (they will know what the goal number is), the class is rewarded with something special, such as an extra recess or a class party.  Derby (horse) and Scoop (pelican) are two Beanie Babies which are awarded to two students based on their previous day.  It is my way to give a special “shout out” to two students for their excellent day before.  They get to have Derby or Scoop with them for the day (do not get to keep them).


    ODDS and ENDS


    *Homework-Each night I would like for students to work on sight words, as well as read the book(s) in their Guided Reading Book Bag (see below).  I am also asking that students work every night on at least one of the following: ScootPad, Lexia, and ST Math.



    *Guided Reading Bag-Your child will be bringing home the books that he/she is working on during Guided Reading.  These books will come home in a Guided Reading Bag.  Your child is to read the book(s) inside, and then return it to school the next day.  IN ORDER TO REINFORCE/SUPPORT THE

    READING/LEARNING THAT TOOK PLACE WHILE YOUR CHILD READ THIS BOOK DURING GUIDED READING, HE/SHE NEEDS TO READ THESE BOOKS AT HOME.  Please note that I do not get to meet with every Guided Reading Group every day.  Therefore, there may be days when your child will not be bringing home their Guided Reading Bag.  Your child needs to return their Guided Reading Bag the next school day, even if something happened and they did not get to read the book at home.


    *Sight Words-Students are expected to know at least 200 sight words by the end of First Grade.  Several times during the school year (based on the number of sight words your child knows at that time) I will be sending home sight word lists for practice.  The sight word lists that I send home are yours to keep.


    *Friday Folders-Friday Folders will be sent home on the last school day of each week.  This folder will contain checked papers, important reminders, etc.  When it is brought back the following week, a sticker will be placed on it as a reward.  Notes and other

    items can be placed in the Friday Folder when it is brought back. Make sure to check your child’s backpack for their Friday Folder.


    *Birthdays-If you and your child wish to send in treats (healthy snacks are always welcome too) for his/her birthday, that is fine. I just ask is that you give me advance notice of it, as I can let you know of any dietary restrictions.  Per school policy, the treats have to be individually wrapped, and will be passed out at the end of the day for students to take with them.  IF YOU SEND IN INVITATIONS FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY, EVERYONE MUST BE INVITED (school policy).



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