• Power Point/Google Slides/Prezi Slides General Guidelines
    1. All Major Words in Titles Capitalized
    2. No more than 6 words per bullet
    3. No more than 6 bullets per slide
    4. One relevant copyright-free or cited database image per page
    5. Font size (32+), style same throughout, & easy to read
    7. Background contrasts with text so easy to read slides
    8. Overall slides look professional & style carried throughout presentation
    Example SlideShow 
    Tips for Presenting to an Audience
    1. Make Eye Contact often!
    2. Do NOT read your slide show or speech
    3. Slides are guidelines -elaborate on each point
    4. Speak loudly and slowly
    5. Dress professionally (collared shirts, dress pants)
    6. Show evidence that you have practiced often
    Prezi Examples