• Drop-off and Pick-up Policy and Procedure for

    Woodward Elementary School

    With our newly extended Loop Line, we strongly encourage families to utilize the Loop Line for the safest and most efficient drop off and pick up!

    Please help us maintain an efficient and safe dismissal using these guidelines:

    • Loop Line: Only students being picked up by Loop Line vehicles will be dismissed through the Loop Line door.
    • Walkers (PK - 5th Grade): If PK through 5th grade families choose to park or walk to dismissal, their child will exit through the main doors by the flag pole and must be picked up in front of the main building entrance.
    • School Age Child Care (SACC) participants will follow the procedure set out by SACC.
    • Students who are regularly picked-up in the afternoon will receive two Family Name Cards to be placed on the right-side dash of your car. These cards will be used to identify the cars entering the loading zone and cue children for loading in order to expedite the process.


    Loop Line Drop-off Procedure (Posted “NO PARKING” signs will be enforced)

    1. Adult supervision for Kindergarten through 5th grade students begins at 8:10 a.m. (Drop off for AM Preschool students begins at 8:35 a.m. and at 12:35 p.m. for PM Preschool students.)
    2. Drivers should pull as far forward as possible (ending up at the traffic cone near the sidewalk) and keep the line moving so that your child(ren) can exit your vehicle quickly and safely.
    3. Drivers are not permitted to back-up, park or leave their vehicle in the Loop Line, even if someone remains in the vehicle.
    4. The UNLOADING ZONE is directly in front of the cafeteria (formerly known as the gym) entrance.  Children must remain in the vehicle until a staff member informs you that they may exit the vehicle.
    5. Once in the Unloading Zone, please have your child(ren) exit your vehicle from the right side. If they need to exit from the left side of your vehicle, please have them cross in front of your vehicle.
    6. The Tardy Bell rings at 8:30 a.m. If you arrive after this time, please find a legal parking space and escort your child(ren) to the office (PM Preschool students arriving after 12:45 p.m. should be escorted to the office as well).

     Loop Line Pick-up Procedure (Posted “NO PARKING” signs will be enforced) 

    • Dismissal for Kindergarten through 5th Grade is at 3:15 p.m.
      1. AM Preschool dismissal is at 11:20 a.m.
      2. PM Preschool dismissal is at 3:15 p.m.
    • Please place the Family Name Card on the right-side dash of your vehicle. If you do not have a Family Name Card, please request one from the office.
    • The LOADING ZONE is directly in front of the gym entrance.  Children will be called by a staff member once your vehicle is in the Pick-up Loop and will be notified when they may enter the vehicle.

     Please remember that SAFETY is the shared responsibility of EVERY DRIVER.

    Please respect the rules of the road, follow signs and TAKE YOUR TIME.

    Your patience and cooperation is appreciated!