•               State of Ohio Science Requirements for Graduation

    Science is taking on a more important role in an increasingly technological society. The science curriculum has been designed to help the students meet some of the future challenges they may confront. The recommended science scope and sequences should help students to prepare for the 21st century.



    The State of Ohio’s science standards requires for all students to pass three years of science. It also highly recommends that all freshmen take some form of Physical Science and that all sophomores take some form of Biological Science. All sophomores will take the Ohio Graduation Test based on this sequence, and the cumulative experiences of all previous science class work. Because of this, there are limited courses offered to freshmen and sophomores.

    Each Student:

    ·         Must fulfill the Board of Education requirement in Science by satisfactorily completing a minimum of three (3) credits from this curriculum.

    ·         May select additional elective courses to meet special needs or interests.


                    Grade 9                  Physical Science Integrated or Physical Science Integrated Honors

    Grade 10              Biology or Biology Honors (Students may accelerate their curriculum by taking this requirement concurrently with Physical Science Integrated their freshmen year. Students who have completed their Physical and Biological Science requirements may take upper level science electives.)

                    Grade 11 or 12     Science Elective


                    Earth Science       Chemistry               AP Chemistry                     AP Environmental Science

                    Biology 2               AP Biology              Physics 1                             AP Physics 2

    It is recommended for students who are planning for college to take four years of science. Students are encouraged to take Chemistry, Physics 1, or Advanced courses. Students can take more than one science course per year, and are encouraged to do so if it fits into their schedules.