Delaware Hayes High School
    Mr. Blackburn     Room #2113 
    Phone # (740)-833-1010 ext. 4462     
    Email: blackbjo@delawarecityschools.net
    Course Description:  Help you get accomplished whatever it is you want to and attain credits in your own way. This is a class that can help you change the future outcome of your life.
    Textbook: None- Various sources will be used
    Online Companion Site: Documents needed will be shared on google docs or distributed in class
    Supplies: Notebook paper, writing utensils
    Goals & Expectations:
    My goals as your teacher… 
    Make it interesting- The curriculum will be relevant to your life and the work will challenge you.
    Motivate you- I will go out of my way to assure that you are on track in meeting your learning goals. 
    Manage our environment- Our classroom will be a place for study and growth. Distractions will be minimal.
    Be speedy- I will evaluate assignments and return them to you as quickly as I can.
    My Expectations of you… 
    Be here- If you miss a day, you miss a lot. Come to class, pay attention, work hard, and be willing to participate. 
    Be respectful- Treat your teacher, classmates, and school with respect. There will be consequences for misconduct. 
    Be ready to learn- To participate fully in class you need your materials, completed assignments, and a positive attitude. 
    Please check the appropriate statement below, sign on the back, and return to your teacher. 
    _____ Together, my child and I have read and reviewed the following class expectations.  We have no further questions.
    _____ Together, my child and I have read and reviewed the following class expectations but we have questions.
    Everyone must remember to listen to others respectfully, even if you disagree, and behave maturely. I will leave you alone if you are being productive. ☺
    The following student actions will be considered violations of the Delaware Code of Conduct:
    - Disruption/General Misconduct during class
    - Use of Obscene Language/
    - Attendance Issues
    - Forgery 
    - Damage of Property
    - Failure to Obey Instructions/Insubordination
    - Cheating/Plagiarism Violations of the Delaware Code of Conduct may 
    result in any of the following disciplinary actions: 
    - After-school or morning detention 
    - Wednesday or Saturday School 
    - In-School Detention (ISI) 
    - Loss of credit for assigned work or tests 
    - Assigned work related to the offense 
    - Loss of other privileges 
    Student Name: ________________________________     Signature: __________________________________
    Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________  Signature: __________________________________
    Parent Phone (___  ___  ___) -___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___       (___ ___ ___) -___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___
    Circle one:                      home       cell       work                                                          home       cell       work   
    Parent Email: _________________________________________________________                  
    THANK YOU!  ☺
Last Modified on April 16, 2015