• The College Application Checklist

    Here is a list of things you will need to apply to a college. Please note, not all college applications require all of these pieces. An * has been placed next to those things that all (or nearly all) colleges will require.

    1.      *An application – these are usually online and found on the college’s website.

       a.       Direct to Institution online application – this is an application that was designed by the college for only that college.

       b.      The Common Application – this is an application that only needs to be completed once for any college that accepts it. Note that you will likely need to pay an application fee for each college, and colleges may require supplemental information. Not all colleges are members of the Common App, here is a list of those that are!

    2.      Letter(s) of Recommendation – not all schools require them, but you may need them for scholarship applications later. Give at least two-weeks notice and make sure your Junior/Senior Brag Sheet is completed.

    3.      Test Scores – ACT or SAT scores are also not required by all colleges for admission (although many require them), but most want them for scholarship consideration. Colleges want official scores sent directly from ACT or College Board. Additionally, if you have taken AP courses, you will want to login to your College Board account to send your AP test scores.

    4.      An Essay – this is required in the Common App and many other college applications, and it is often the part that takes the longest to finish. Start early. Here is some advice.

    5.      *High School Transcript – this is an essential piece that you will request through SchooLinks, our online college & career planning program.  Mrs. Pollard will send high school transcripts electronically through SchooLinks within two weeks of the request. You will login to your SchooLinks account via Clever, using your 6+2 and DCS password.

    6.      *College Transcript – if you took a College Credit Plus, you will also need to request a transcript from the college that awarded the credit. Colleges will want to see all prior college credits on official transcripts.  Links for requesting those transcripts through our most popular College Credit Plus institutions can be found HERE.

    7.      *FAFSA – the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is required if you want any kind of state or federal aid for college. The online application opens October 1, and college deadlines to submit it have moved up...some as early as December 1. Click HERE for information about the FAFSA.

    8.      CSS Profile – Some private schools require additional financial info using the CSS. Check the schools website for deadlines. Click HERE for information about the CSS Profile. Here is a list of colleges that require the CSS Profile.

    9.      *Your GPA and Class Rank – many colleges will ask you for this within the application. This is found on your transcript, and you can ask any counselor for it.

    10.  *CEEB/College Code – you will need this when you register for ACT or SAT as well as for some scholarship and college applications.  Hayes High School CEEB Code: 361-905

    11.  Anticipated Graduation Date – some schools and the military want to know when you will be graduating.

    12.  Your College Counselor’s Information – you will need to send Mrs. Pollard (pollarje@delawarecityschools.net) all counselor reports via email or through SchooLinks.