Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the ELIGIBILITY WEBSITE if you are interested in participating in athletics at the Division I or Division II level.
    Learn How to Register HERE!
    Click HERE to use our NCAA eligibility calculator!
    Click HERE to see the Free Recruiting Seminar to help students and parents through the recruiting process!
    Register with NAIA at http://www.naia.org/ if you are interested in an NAIA college.
    Division III colleges and those competing under NAIA do not require you to complete the NCAA eligibility. Contact your School Counselor, if you are registering with the eligibility center to allow them to assist you in your scheduling of classes and submit a transcript to NCAA or NAIA.
    Here are a few things to consider:

    1.  Be Realistic.

    ·         Understand that because you are a starter or because you might be a star player in high school, you may not be at the top of the college recruiter’s list. Talk to your coaches to see what they think about your competing at the collegiate level. College athletics is demanding academically and physically – do your research to find the right fit!

    2.  Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if you want to play Division I or Division II sports.

    ·         We often think of very large school when we think Division I – OSU, Michigan, UCLA, etc., but there are many DI schools like Xavier, Bowling Green, and Albany.

    ·         Division II schools can also offer athletic scholarships. Only DI and DII can do this, but you must be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center to qualify.

    3.  Take you ACT/SAT at least once your junior year. Give yourself time to retake it if you need to improve your score.

    4.  Do as well as you can in school! Take NCAA approved courses.

    5.  Market Yourself.

    ·         Talk to your coach about recruitment.

    ·         Put together a recruitment profile and video of your playing.

    ·         Check out recruiting sites like http://www.ncsasports.org/ that allow you to put together a marketing portfolio for coaches to view. This is a paid site as many recruiting services are! 

    6.  Expect a college coach’s offer in writing (they will offer you a verbal scholarship first).

    ·         If a college is seriously offering you a scholarship, ask for it in writing.

    7. Take advantage of the 5 visits the summer before your senior year!