Hayes BYOD 1:1 Frequently Asked Questions


    What is BYOD?

    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) refers to technology program where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning.

    What does Bring Your Own Device mean?

    • Students bring their personally owned technology devices to class to use for learning.
    • Devices include laptops, tablets and Chromebooks.
    • Students are responsible to have a device as part of being prepared for class, much like bringing textbooks in the past.

    Why Bring Your Own Device?

    • Provides student choice for a device that best meets the student’s educational needs.
    • A vehicle for personalizing learning in ways that ensure each student is fully engaged in learning and is successful in attaining established learning standards.
    • Increasing opportunities for student engagement in learning activities
    • Create a seamless bridge between formal and informal learning

    What if a student doesn't have his or her own personal technology device?

    • For students that do not have a device to bring to school, the Delaware City School District has created a BYOD Loaner Program to give students the opportunity to borrow a school owned device.

    What if my child forgets their device or my child’s device is broken.

    • Your student can check out a device from the Hayes LRC as part of our BYOD Loaner Program

    Who is responsible if the device is damaged, stolen, or lost?

    • Students bring electronic devices to school at their own risk, just like any other personal items. Students have lockers to keep their devices secure when they are not being used for learning purposes.

    What rules apply to the use of these devices on the student network?

    • As with all technology use, personal or school-issued, students should use technology for educational purposes with the permission of the teacher or an administrator.
    • Students using a personally-owned device must abide by the District Acceptable Use Policy.