• DCS Early Entrance Policy for Kindergarten

    Based on The Model Policy for Academic Acceleration (Section 3324.10 of HB 66) requirements for underage admission:

    1. If a child is not age five (5) by August 1 then early entrance to kindergarten may be considered. The request form can be obtained from the Department of Curriculum and Assessment / Gifted Services and submitted by the parent/guardians.
    2. An evaluation for early entrance must be completed by an educator within the district, a preschool educator who knows the child, or a pediatrician/psychologist who knows the child.
    3. The evaluation consists of a test of cognition where students will be evaluated using a nationally-normed standardized test as recommended by the Iowa Acceleration Manual. Students exhibiting advanced intellectual ability and reason should be considered for early entrance. Motor skills and socialization evaluation also allow the psychologist a broader picture of the child to assess readiness for kindergarten.

    Early Entrance to Kindergarten Packet (2019)

Last Modified on December 14, 2018