• RB Hayes HS

    Welcome to the Rutherford B. Hayes Business Department.

    Those students who plan to major in Business in college, or those who want to gain practical knowledge of business, accounting, software, web design, marketing, or management will find courses to meet their needs and to make sense of the newest technologies and philosophies governing business today.

    To better serve students, the program has been  redesigned to reflect the latest business pathways in both high school and college. Many of our courses are available for dual enrollment, enabling students to receive both high school and college credit.

    We have two pathways available: Marketing or Finance
    A student following one of these pathways may earn up to 7
    high school credits and 24 hours of college credit.

    Others may want to take a few courses as electives.

    Either way, we have something for everyone. Please download the details of our Business Pathways and the Course Descriptions here.