Classroom Counseling Lessons
    Classroom counseling is a special part of the School Counseling program at Schultz. Classroom visits focus on topics dealing with personal/social, career, and academic skills. During the 2022 - 2023 school year, Miss DeLong will visit each classroom once a month.  Classroom visits are 30-40 minutes long. Classroom counseling lessons are delivered through guided conversations, activities, and literature centered around age-appropriate social skills within the classroom and beyond. During the months that Miss DeLong is not in the classroom, social skills lessons are facilitated by a community agency or pre-recorded. 
    Below is the breakdown of counseling lessons by grade level. However, lessons are subject to change based on specific classroom needs.  For specific questions regarding a particular concept, lesson, activity, or if you would like to review the lesson's content, please contact Miss DeLong.