•  School Nurse Mission

    The mission of the Delaware City School Nurses is to advance the academic success of all students by promoting student health through prevention, intervention and education


     Delaware City Schools Nursing Team DCS Nursing team
    From left to right, Eileen Duffy, Lisa Marie Toombs, Shasta McKee, Andrea
    Seymour and Kelly Wagner 

    School Nurse Contact Information 

    Eileen Duffy, BSN, MS, RN                                   
    Conger, Smith and Woodward            
    740-833-1306 Conger                      
    740-833-2378 Smith                        
    740-833-2636 Woodward       
    740-272-3860 Cell 
    Shasta McKee, BSN, RN, LSN                               
    Hayes High School                                                
    Andrea Seymour, RN      
    District Special Needs Nurse    
    Lisa Marie Toombs, BSN, RN, LSN      
    Carlisle and Schultz Elementary    
    740-833-1454 Carlisle  
    740-833-1406 Schultz     
    740-272-1906 Cell
    Kelly Wagner, BSN, RN, NCSN 
    Dempsey Middle School
    740-833-1809 Dempsey
    740-272-3861 Cell
    Health Services Resource Links
    School Nurses Services List - This list identifies many of the services performed by the Nurses
    for the benefit of the district, staff, students and their families. Please review to see the many ways
    we may be of assistance to you.
    Ohio Department of Health Guidelines for Schools - This link contains requirements and guidelines
    for schools outlined by the Ohio Department of Health. This section guides nursing staff when
    providing services to the Districts' students.


Last Modified on May 15, 2019