• Required forms for School Offices to complete for Long-Term Substitute Teachers and Student Teachers 
    These forms provide vital information for the Tech Department to create and adjust account access for long-term subs and student teachers. 
    Before the Sub or Student teacher starts: Principals and/or Administrative Assistants must complete:
    • Long-Term Substitute/Student Teacher
      Complete this form as soon as you know who will be a Long-Term Sub or Student Teacher in your building. Then mark your calendar to remind yourself to complete the Return from Absence form.

    • Also please remind the teacher who is going on leave, or the teacher getting a Student Teacher, to complete the Tech Needs form

    Before the Teacher returns from Leave: Principals and/or Admin Assistants must complete:

    • Complete this form as soon as you know when a teacher is returning, so that access can be restored to the teacher at the correct time.
Last Modified on September 11, 2023