•  Science Department 2016 - 2017
    Mr. Bakunas:   AP Environmental, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Impact
    Mr. Borzok:  AP Physics 2, Physics 1, Honors Physics, Robotics
    Mrs. Codding:  Chemistry, Physics 
    Ms. Duffy:  Physical Science
    Mr. Hohman:  Chemistry
    Mrs. Kovatch:  AP Biology, Honors Biology
    Mr. Krohn:   Biology, Geology 
    Mr. Kruthaup: Biology, Anatomy/Physiology
    Mr. Lehman: Department Chair --  Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry
    Ms. Morman:  Honors Biology, Biology, Microbiology 
    Mrs. Ruffin:   Physical Science, Honors Biology
    Ms. Scocozzo: Materials/Engineering Science,  Physical Science
    Ms. Peg Babson:  VHS teacher and coordinator
     Virtual High School presently has over 30 course offerings in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and General), so there are many choices for students  looking for an elective credit. The course catalog can be found at: http://thevhscollaborative.org
    A few possibilities are listed  below:

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Astronomy Principles


    Climate Change


    Nuclear Physics