• 2024-2025 Peer Model Waiting List


    As of March 18, 2024, all peer model spots have been offered or filled for the 2024-25 school year.


    If you would like to have your child's name added to the waiting list in the event that a peer model opening occurs, please complete the link below.

    2024-25 Preschool Peer Model Waiting List


    General Information regarding the peer model program:

    Peer models are positions within our preschool program for students who do not demonstrate developmental delays. Tuition for peer models is $175 per month (current rate for the 2023-24 school year and subject to change for 2024-25).


    The program is located at Woodward Elementary and is in operation Monday through Thursday. Students are assigned to either a morning classroom or an afternoon classroom.

    The morning session is in operation from 8:45-11:20 AM and serves primarily 3 year olds and younger 4 year olds.

    The afternoon session is in operation from 12:40-3:15 PM and serves primarily older 4 year olds and 5 year olds.


    General Peer Model Requirements:

    1. Peer models need to be 3 years of age by August 1, 2024.

    2. Peer models need to be toilet-trained by the time they enter the program in August 2024. 

    3. Applicants must be residents of Delaware City Schools or an employee of Delaware City Schools. (We do not accept open enrollment from other districts for preschool.) Proof of residency will need to be provided at the time of acceptance/enrollment.


    Peer model spots are assigned based upon the number of spots available for the upcoming school year and the date/time stamp of the application submission.

    Any questions can be directed to Mindy Hastings at 740-833-1116 or hastinme@delawarecityschools.net.

    Thank you!