• Teacher
    Courses Taught in 2011-2012
    Other Duties
    Jordan Blackburn
    Government & Economics, Psychology
    head basketball coach, assistant softball coach
    Adam Haynes
    AP Government & Politics, World Studies
    Key Club adviser
    Mike Marshall
    Psychology, Sociology, US Studies

    David Morgan
    World Studies, Government & Economics
    assistant softball coach
    Zebb Schroeder
    US Studies, World Studies
    head football coach
    Nate Weakland
    Honors World Studies (Humanities), US Studies
    head soccer coach
    Kevin West
    AP US History, Government & Economics, US Studies
    department chair, Youth in Government adviser
    Greg White
    World Studies, Psychology, Current Issues, Geography

    Jeff Wright
    AP European History, US Studies
    sophomore class adviser

    course required
    World Studies or Honors World Studies (Humanities)
    US Studies or AP US History
    junior(no required Social Studies courses)
    Government and Economics or AP Government and Politics

    electives currently offered - Psychology, Sociology, Current Issues, Geography, AP European History