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    This page will be updated regularly as our staff is thoughtfully and thoroughly working through all of the questions we have received.

    What is Delaware City Schools plan to open schools in the fall?
    Given current information, the district is planning to open schools with a Blended Learning model where students will attend on a 3 day/2 day learning rotation. The District will also offer a full-time at-home learning option through the DCS Online Academy. View details of each learning model.

    What days will students attend on the Blended Learning Model?
    Students will be placed in one of two groups (Group A & Group B). Group A will attend on Monday/Tuesday and Group B will attend on Thursday/Friday. Wednesday will be the alternating day for students. All members of a family will be grouped together. Families will be provided an opportunity to let us know if family members with differing last names need adjustments. We will also have a system in place for families to share hardship situations that may require a schedule adjustment. Minor adjustments have been made to the calendar to balance the number of in-person days between the two groups.
    Group A Attendance Calendar
    Group B Attendance Calendar

    If I choose to keep my students home, will they remain DCS students?
    Yes, if you enroll your students in the DCS Online Academy, they remain part of our Delaware City Schools family and will receive instruction from our DCS teachers.

    Can we change our student's learning model once school starts?
    In order to secure staffing for the blended learning model and the DCS Online Academy, families are asked to make a decision for the entire semester (August 31-December 18). We will work with families to make adjustments on a case-by-case basis for health and education reasons.

    Who can I contact if our family needs guidance on which learning model is right for my student?
    Preschool - Mindy Burgeson: 740-833-1116
    Elementary (K-5) - Joe Uher: 740-833-1108
    Secondary (Grades 6-12) - Aaron Cook: 740-833-1125
    Special Education - Angie Macwhinney: 740-833-1129

    Has the school calendar been revised?
    Yes, the student start date has been moved to Monday, August 31. The school year is not extended due to the later start date. You can find the revised school calendar here.

    Will DCS require face coverings?
    Yes, staff and students will be required to wear a face covering on buses and inside of our buildings. We will provide mask breaks for our younger learners. If your student cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, you will work with the school nurse to complete a mask exemption request.

    What safety precautions will be in place to start school?
    The district is assessing all areas of our district to ensure a safe and healthy start to school. Enhanced cleaning protocols, distancing classroom furniture, reducing the capacity on buses, alternate dining areas for lunch and increased hand washing and sanitizing are all part of our plan to help students and staff return to school in the safest way possible. Please review our healthy restart document for additional information. Also, each of our buildings will be sharing building-specific safety protocols as we near the start of the school year. This will include hallway transitions, cafeteria procedures, related arts schedules, parent drop off/pick up procedures, late sign ins/early sign outs, clinic procedures and more.

    Will SACC operate during the school year?
    SACC will operate at our buildings before and after school. Due to limited capacities, SACC will be available to students to attend in-person on each day. Additional information will be forwarded to families regarding SACC procedures and registration.

    Will transportation be provided?
    Yes, school transportation will be provided, however, we encourage parents to transport students to school when possible to assist in operating our buses with a reduced capacity. Masks will be required for all students and the driver while on the bus. Students will sit no more than two people to a seat (preferably siblings). All seats will be assigned. Only students who sign up to use school transportation will be permitted on the bus (no friends can ride home with the student). Students will load from back to front and unload from front to back. Families will need to elect to use bus transportation through our back to school forms.

    Will the district assist families with devices?
    Yes, the district will provide a device to students if one is not available at home. For students enrolled in our Online Academy, a staff member will contact each family to complete registration and inquire about device needs. For students attending school with our blended schedule, classroom teachers will assist in providing devices to families who may need one.

    Is there a revised school supply list?
    Our school supply lists can be found here. We will be limiting or eliminating shared supplies between students as much as possible. If shared supplies/equipment must be used, they will be disinfected between users.

    How will lunch be structured?
    With the implementation of the Blended Learning option, the number of students in the lunch periods will be reduced by approximately 50%. Principals are also working to add lunch periods to their schedules and/or identify additional spaces within their buildings to ensure proper distancing during lunch.

    Will students have recess?
    Schools will make every effort to maintain a recess time while following safety procedures. This may mean that schools will limit student access to certain pieces of playground equipment and restrict activities that are “high touch” and difficult to clean or maintain social distancing. Structured activities will be considered, and we will go outdoors as much as possible. Students will wash or sanitize their hands after recess.

    Will field trips be held this year?
    At this time, we have canceled all field trips for the first semester. We will evaluate field trips for second semester if health conditions improve. We will continue to engage students in virtual field trips and experiences.

    How will visitors/volunteers be managed?
    Visitors and volunteers will be limited for everyone's safety. Visitors are discouraged from being in school facilities without an appointment. We encourage everyone to conduct business via phone, email, or other technology sources when possible. Each school will share specific procedures if parents need to sign students in/out or drop off items during the day. We will be working toward a no-contact system for all visits.

    How will students be screened for symptoms of COVID-19?
    Parents are responsible for assessing their students' symptoms each day before they are sent to school. If a student arrives at school and appears ill, the school nurse will assess symptoms. Any student with a temperature of 100.4 or higher or displaying other symptoms of COVID-19 will be isolated and sent home immediately. The student may only return to school when they have been symptom free for 3 days.

    How will parents be notified if there is a positive case of COVID-19 in the classroom/school?
    Communication regarding staff or students who test positive for COVID-19 will be issued following the recommendations from the Delaware General Health District (DGHD) while maintaining privacy according to FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. Once we receive specific protocols from DGHD, we will share those with families.

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