• Communication

    Goal: Increase the engagement and investment of Delaware City Schools’ stakeholders through strategic and innovative communications

    Strategy 1 - Delaware City Schools will provide timely and meaningful communication to stakeholders
    • Webpages will contain timely and important information
    • Develop electronic communication to be sent to stakeholders
    • Produce a staff bulletin to keep internal lines of communication open
    • Review and revise district mailings to be more timely and share specific stories
    • Ensure the master calendar is up-to-date and user friendly

    Strategy 2 -  DCS will establish meaningful avenues for the district to receive feedback from stakeholders
    • Utilize district evaluation form to solicit feedback after events
    • Conduct stakeholder surveys on a regular basis to assess satisfaction
    • Utilize volunteers to pre-assess district activities for effectiveness
    • Establish a key communicators group with booster/parent groups

    Strategy 3 -  DCS will have an increased presence in the community
    • Have an intentional presence at various community events
    • Become a resource for community businesses and organizations fulfilling community needs

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Last Modified on October 2, 2012