• Student Engagement and Achievement

    Goal: Create lifelong learners through engaging educational experiences resulting in high achievement in the 21st century.

    Strategy 1 - Create a Culture that empowers students to take ownership of their learning
    • Use formative assessment and instructional practices to allow for greater awareness of learning progress for students and parents
    • Prepare a variety of learning opportunities that are student directed
    • Provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills while sharing their learning through a variety of means   

    Strategy 2 -  Prepare all students to be involved and productive global citizens
    • Increase community collaborations
    • Provide targeted intervention for all students
    • Provide relevant and rigorous student focused learning in the 21st century

    Strategy 3 -  Actively engage diverse learners in their educational experiences
    • Explore changes in the school calendar that better meet the needs of students
    • Investigate flexible scheduling options during the school day
    • Develop a continuum of options for student learning

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Last Modified on October 2, 2012