• Facilities

    Goal: Develop a plan that provides for facilities to meet and enhance the current and future educational, activity and community needs as supported by current findings.

    Strategy 1 - Provide enrollment data to help guide decision making and address short and long term needs
    • Receive updated enrollment report
    • Review enrollment projections and determine if they fit option 14A for facilities
    • Review sequencing for additions and renovations based on current enrollment report
    • Meet with City and County officials to review forecast of housing starts
    • Schedule enrollment reports every 12-18 months

    Strategy 2 -  Analyze program capacity by building and activity to address short and long term needs
    • Gather current programming and usage data by facility for academic, extra-curricular and community needs.
    • Evaluate grade configuration options within existing schools and consider additions and renovations needed.
    • Explore re-purposing Willis as an administrative building with options for community organizations
    • Schedule updated program capacity reports every 12-24 months

    Strategy 3 -  Land Acquisition
    • Review and research properties available around existing school sites
    • Determine & document existing agreements/conversations with adjacent landowners
    • Explore and research available properties for potential future school sites
    • Work with City and County officials on current and future developments in an effort to use common resources and minimize costs to the community
    • Maintain a property file for reference by district administration and the board of education

    Strategy 4 -  Develop and maintain a master facilities plan that addresses short and long term needs of the district
    • Utilize the subcommittee reports to develop a strategic plan revised report
    • Establish a list of needs based on curriculum/programming, activities, extra-curriculars and facility learning environment
    • Establish the criteria for services of a design professional to work with the district in addressing needs
    • Establish a revised master plan for the schools that supports facilities needs

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Last Modified on January 8, 2013