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    Vision & Scope of Work

    In 2014, Delaware City Schools will have transformed our educational system. We will improve the way we use data and information for decision making, provide high quality professional development and ongoing support for our teachers and administrators in improving instruction, connect with and better meet the needs of our students, and engage community members as partners in our work.

    Throughout this transformation, our constant goal will be improved learning resulting in college- and career- readiness for all of our students. Continuous learning requires new strategies and approaches to advance teaching and student achievement. To succeed in the 21st century, we must apply new strategies, evaluate our progress in terms of student outcomes and share our successes and lessons learned to ensure that our work is replicable and sustainable.

    In 2014, we will be well on our way to having an effective teacher in every classroom and an effective principal in every school. Accordingly, we will emphasize recruiting, training, evaluating and retaining the best and brightest educators. There will be a strong emphasis on empowering these educators with the knowledge, skills and information they need to effectively lead transformation in their schools and classrooms. The art of teaching will evolve and expand, and there will be an increasing emphasis on principals becoming instructional leaders.

    Data and information will drive our decision-making and student academic gains will be our fundamental measure of success. Teachers and administrators will embrace data and data will inform dramatic improvements in our professional development, resource allocation and collegial collaboration. Just as data will enable us to differentiate instruction for students, data will enable
    formative-oriented educator learning and growth. Data and information including multiple measures also will serve as critical components of how we identify and recognize highly effective teachers and leaders.

    By identifying these individuals we will be able to uncover the practices that have a positive impact on student academic performance and institutionalize these transformational practices with all teachers and principals. Through our RttT work with enhancing instruction, students will benefit from increasingly relevant and rigorous course work and learning, higher expectations backed by formative instruction that propels all students to mastery, better use of data to guide students into appropriate instructional settings and challenging experiences, and a more fully informed and engaged community that understands and supports our work.

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Last Modified on February 7, 2012