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    Committees & Responsibilities

    Steering Committee
    - Responsible for scope of work/budget oversight, progress monitoring and monthly reporting.
    Team members: Mindy Rich (Chair), Brad Faust, Stan McDonald, Monika Ray, Jen Ruhe

    Standards and Assessment Committee- Responsible for curriculum/assessment development.
    Team members: Jill Wade (Chair), Michelle Burkart, Melody Detterman, Stan McDonald, Crystal Myers, Erica Pittman, Rochelle Thompson, Diana Toth

    Professional Development Committee
    Responsible for development andimplementation of PD Plan.
    Team members: Jenny Cardwell (Chair), Beth Rieman, Melody Detterman, Angela Raquepaw, Dawn Riedlinger

    Evaluation Committee
    Responsible for development and adoption of a comprehensive evaluation system encompassing multiple measures aligned to state criteria.
    Team members: Jerry Stewart (Chair), Kim Becker, Paul Craft, Leslie Franklin, Andrew Hatton, Mindy Rich, Ryan Schey, Philip Terry, Randy Turner, Joseph Uher, Toby West

    Data Committee
    Responsible for analysis and use of multiple data sources, including Value Added, to inform instructional improvement.
    Team members: Toby West (Chair), Heidi Kegley, Jake Tawney, Philip Terry
Last Modified on October 22, 2013