• 9th Grade Honors World Studies 

    Course Description: Honors 9th grade students continue the chronological study of world history. As students study historic eras, they consider the influence of geographic settings, cultural perspectives, economic systems, and various forms of government. All World History courses (Honors or otherwise) utilize similar targets and indicators for student performance. However, students enrolled in Honors World History will cover course content at a faster pace and/or in greater depth than those students enrolled in other World History classes. In addition, critical thinking and writing skills crucial for success in Advanced Placement Social Studies. Literary and historical reading and writing are also major components of the curriculum. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the role of citizens and continue to develop their research skills.


    Supplies You Will Need:

    1. World History Text Book

    2. Notebook paper and folder

    3. A pen, pencil, or something to write with every single day!

    4. 3-Ring Binder (optional)



    1)     BE HERE- It is your personal responsibility to make it to class everyday and ON TIME. If you do miss class, it is your responsibility to make up the missed work.

    2)    BE READY TO LEARN- Be ready to participate in class, bringing all required material, a positive attitude, and your completed assignments.

    3)    BE RESPECTFUL- Treat your TEACHER, your CLASSMATES, and SCHOOL with respect. Conduct yourself in an appropriate manner and use respectful language. Wasting class time may result in a lunch or after school detention.          



    * First Offense: in-class warning, possible seat change

    * Second Offense: asked to step out of class, returning at teacher's discretion

    * Third Offense: lunch or after school detention and a phone call home


    Homework Policy:

    Students are to turn in all homework assigned, ON TIME! Students will be allowed one late assignment per quarter, but for partial credit. Every day the assignment is late will be a deduction in the grade. The late assignment must be turned in no later than one week from the assigned due date. After one week no credit will be given for the assignment but students will still be responsible for every homework assignment (credit or not).



    All activities, homework, tests, quizzes, and projects will be recorded on a point-by-point basis. Make sure to complete all homework (take your time) and study for exams. There are NO re-takes for quizzes or tests in this class.


    Extra Help:

    Extra help will be offered before school to any student who wishes. Help will also be offered after school, but students must make sure to schedule this time. There will be test study sessions before each test with a small bonus offered for those who attend and participate.


    Grading Policy:


    I am just a recorder of the points students earn for doing their work and taking tests. If students do not complete their homework and participate in class, it will significantly drop their grade. Grades will be posted on PowerSchool for the students and parents to view anytime. Please allow adequate time for grades to be put in PowerSchool, a good measure of time would be a week.  



    Grades are recorded in the following manner:

    Assignments (homework, daily class work, participation, etc.)= 30%

    Tests, Quizzes & Big Projects= 70%


    *This is an Honors level class and as such the expectations and requirements are greater. The content is more in depth, the homework requirement is higher than an average class, the tests and quizzes push students to produce an advanced level of work and show an extended amount of learning. All assignments have a purpose and need to be treated with solid effort…it is not busy work, it is learning work, a way to show your growth and production in and outside of class.


    **All in class work and homework can be seen on Mr. Weakland’s Canvas calendar page









Last Modified on August 12, 2019