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Community Relations

Department of Communications
Jennifer Ruhe
Director of Communications
74 W. William Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015
Phone: 740-833-1105
Fax: 740-833-1149

The mission of the communications department is to support the continuous improvement of the district:
  • Providing all stakeholders with accurate, timely, easy to understand information about the school district and its operations;
  • Developing ways to ensure two-way communications between the district and its publics.
Services: The Board of Education believes that all reasonable means should be employed to keep the public informed on matters of importance regarding district policies, finances, programs, personnel, and operations. The director of communications directs an information program designed to acquaint the citizens of the community and the general public with the achievements and the needs of the schools.

The following publications are available through the department:
  • The District publishes and annual report that is delivered via U.S. mail to community members' homes.
  • Department newsletters including enrichment services, curriculum updates, and technology reports are published regularly throughout the year via electronic newsletters.
The department assists in the preparation of special reports and updating the district's Strategic Plan.
The communications department also oversees the district website at