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Math Pathways


Math Pathways

The Delaware City Schools Math Pathways, which are aligned to the New Ohio Learning Standards, have been designed to be flexible to meet the needs of all students. The Pathways are simply the mathematics curricular options at each grade level. Knowing that students develop and master content at different rates, the Pathways are designed to offer acceleration based on certain criteria, at developmentally appropriate times. It is our goal for all students to meet a minimum, yet rigorous, set of math requirements prior to graduation to best prepare all learners for College and Career. Some learners may be ready for acceleration or even double-acceleration at earlier grade levels. The Pathways and criteria were established to help meet those goals.

The Math Pathways were developed by a dedicated team of Delaware teachers and administrators during the 2014-2015 school year. Two new courses, a 5th grade compacted math class and 6th grade accelerated pre-algebra class, were added to the district course offerings in 2015. The Pathway courses and criteria will be reviewed and updated annually.

For a visual representation of the Math Pathways, click here.

To view the Math Pathways Criteria, click here.

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