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Our Programs

Pacer School Age Child Care
and Community Programs


Mission & Philosophy
We embrace, support, and align with the mission of Delaware City Schools by offering engaging, innovative programming provided by qualified and caring employees in an environment where all students feel safe and welcome.

Our curriculum approach is influenced by the Science of Learning and Development (SoLD). We embrace a holistic approach to learning and endeavor to provide a program that exemplifies the best practices for our field.

  • We believe that children thrive when they feel safe, supported, connected, valued, and engaged.
  • We believe that every child needs strong, trusting relationships to learn and develop.
  • We believe that learning happens in many unique ways, both formal and informal, and that academic and social skill development is supported by fostering exploration, decision-making, and problem-solving.
  • We believe that every individual is a unique and valuable asset to the afterschool community and we develop relationships with children and families based on trust, respect, and acceptance.

Program Goals

  1. Provide positive developmental relationships.
  2. Ensure environments that are filled with safety and belonging
  3. Recognize, value and appreciate diversity and strive for equity and inclusion in our curriculum, environments, policies and practices.
  4. Create opportunities for rich learning experiences and knowledge development.
  5. Support the development of 21st Century skills, habits and mindsets.
  6. Create, value and participate in integrated support systems.


Relationship to the School District
The SACC program is fiscally self-sufficient, owned by the Delaware City School Board, but operating as a non-profit business within the public school setting.  Operating funds for staffing, supplies, transportation, and other expenses are generated through tuition and fees paid by parents who use program services.  Other program funding sources include the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Publicly Funded Child Care (PFCC) Reimbursement, third-party payments from area service agencies, grants, community, and private donations. No Delaware City Schools tax income is used to support the SACC program.  The SACC Program pays usage fees to the District in exchange for space, utilities, janitorial support, administrative, and fiscal support.