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     Gale Power Search
    The Power Search many different databases rather than just individual ones.  Remember to log in at home, use our district's abbreviation and the number 1.  
    To narrow your search results, click on Analyze/Topic Finder on the bottom right and you will get an awesome "wheel of research" that will narrow your results.


  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    These are almost 1000 actual reference books in this collection -many specifically on your topic!  If your teacher requires a book-use this source.
  • Student Resources in Context

    A helpful resource when researching a variety of topics, including Social Studies topics.

  • Science in Context
     A great source if you want specific scientific information on a topic, or if you are a teacher and want lesson plans organized by content standard! 
  • Opposing Viewpoints

     A great source if you want to learn more about both sides of a controversial issue. 

  • Noodletools

    The awesome and easy way to create Works Cited pages.  It integrates well with Gale databases. Log in with your Canvas username & password once you create an account. Remember to create an MLA or APA ADVANCED project page for your references.

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  • Culturegrams, World Edition

    An awesome resource that provides accurate, up to date information about countries around the world. You will need to use a Delaware Library card to access this source.  You can get an electronic library card here-remember to save the temporary number!


    Culturegrams logo

  • Literature Resource Center
    An awesome resource with a wide selection of criticism and poetry.  Access with a Delaware Library Card, you can get an electronic one here. Look up alphabetically "Literature RESOURCE Center" (not Reference Center!).
    lit resource
  • Newsbank
    Scroll down to find NewsBank (alphabetical order). You have to login with your Delaware Library Card.  Click here to get an electronic card if you don't already have one.
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