• Delaware City Schools District Profile
    Delaware City School District is located in Delaware, Ohio -- a suburban community located about 20 minutes north of Columbus. The school district was established in 1830 and continues to grow in student enrollment. With a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, Delaware City Schools are consistently a top performing district in many measures.

    Our Vision/Mission: The Delaware City Schools will promote a culture of excellence that engages and empowers students and staff to embrace the challenges of our global society. We will build on our traditions, respect our diversity and partner for a strong community.

    Enrollment: 5674 students in grades PreK-12

    Staff:         429 certified staff
                        181 classified staff
    Facilities:    5 Elementary Schools (prek-5)
                        1 Middle School (grades 6-8)
                        1 Comprehensive High School
                        Administrative Office Building/Alternate Education Center
                        District Transportation Center

    Academics:  Delaware City Schools strive to meet the needs of every student through carefully planned curriculum designed to engage students in active learning.  The district offers an extensive special needs program and gifted services for identified students.  Through a committed effort, the District exceeds the state average on graduation rates, standardized tests and ACT and SAT results  Both the schools and surrounding community support the arts as is evident by an exceptional visual and performing arts program in the district.  The schools offer extensive opportunities for extra and co-curricular activities to enhance the learning experience.

    Accolades & Achievements:  Through careful planning, the district continues to operate within budget while offering high quality educational programs. Members of the class of 2022 received nearly $2.7 million in scholarships from colleges and universities, and approximately 65% of seniors pursue post-secondary training at two and/or four year colleges. 

    Community Support: The district is fortunate to receive ongoing financial and volunteer support from the Delaware Community, partner agencies and Ohio Wesleyan University.

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