• Attendance Phone Number


    Attendance Policy

    A.  Parents may excuse their son/daughter 5 times per semester for personal illness before a physician’s certificate is required.  (O.R.C. 3321.04) The physician’s certificate must be an original. Once a student is required to have a physician’s certificate, only the principal or assistant principal has the authority to remove the requirement.

    B.  Parents must call 740-833-1800 each day, no later than 30 minutes after school begins, to explain

         a student’s absence.

    C.  All excuses must include a reason for being absent in order for the absence to be excused, as determined by the building administration.  

    D.  Only the principal or designee has the authority to authorize the change from an unexcused absence to an excused absence.

    E.  A 24-hour attendance line with a message recording service at 740-833-1712 is provided for your 


    F.  Students arriving 2 hours after the school day begins or leaving 2 hours before the school day ends will be considered absent a ½ day.

    G.  A student must be in attendance for a ½ day to participate in or attend an extracurricular or co-curricular event, unless otherwise authorized by a principal or designee. 

    H.  Students absent greater than 3 ½ hours will be considered absent for the day.

    I.  Dempsey Middle School reserves the right to file truancy charges and/or retain a student who

        misses more than 18 days.



    Doctor, clinic, and/or dentist appointments should be made after school hours if possible. Because this is not always possible, the student will be excused from school with proper documentation from the physician regarding the appointment time and duration of the office visit. Upon returning to school from a scheduled appointment, students must sign in at the attendance office and receive a pass to return to class. When leaving the building during the school day, the student must sign out with permission in the attendance office.  Failure to adhere to sign-in and sign-out policy may result in disciplinary action being taken.


    Excused Absences

    Students may be excused from school for one or more of the following reasons and will be provided an opportunity to make-up missed school work and/or tests:

    A. personal illness (Parent note: no more than 5 per semester or Physician Note)

    B.  illness in the family (the absence under this condition shall not apply to children under fourteen

         (14) years of age)

    C. quarantine of the home

    D. death in the family

    E. necessary work at home due to absence or incapacity of parent(s)/guardian(s)

    F. observation or celebration of a bona fide religious holiday

    G. such good cause as may be acceptable to the principal



    Unexcused absences from school (truancy) are not acceptable. Students who are truant will receive no credit for schoolwork that is missed. For a student to be declared truant then he/she must be absent from school for any portion of the day without school authorization and parental consent. A student will be considered habitually truant if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse for five (5) or more consecutive days, for seven (7) or more school days in one (1) month, or twelve (12) or more school days in one (1) school year. Furthermore, a student will be considered chronically truant if the student is absent without a legitimate excuse for seven (7) or more consecutive school days, for (10) or more school days in one (1) month, or fifteen (15) or more school days in one (1) school year.

    If a student is habitually or chronically truant and the student’s parent has failed to cause the student’s attendance, a complaint will be filed with the Judge of the Juvenile Court in compliance with State law and Board Policy 5200.


    Unexcused Absences

    Students are considered unexcused from school for one or both of the following reasons:

    A.  absent without a note and/or phone call

    B. surpassed 5 personal illnesses allowed per semester / no doctor's note


    Make-up of Tests and Other School Work

    Students who are absent from school with an excuse shall be given the opportunity to make‑up work that has been missed.  Upon return to school, the student should contact his/her teachers as soon as possible to obtain assignments.


    Students will be given the number of days of excused absence within which to make-up work, unless otherwise determined by the teacher or principal.

    If a student misses a teacher’s test due to an excused absence, she/he may make arrangements with the teacher to take the test.  If she/he misses a standardized test, the student should consult with the guidance counselor to arrange for taking the test.


    Suspension from School

    Absence from school due to suspension shall be considered an authorized absence.


    A suspended student will be responsible for making up school work during a suspension. The student must obtain the assignment from other students or a teacher’s web site.  He/she must complete missed assignments during the suspension and turn them in to the teacher upon his/her return to school.  Make up of missed tests will be scheduled on the day the student returns from school.  Some work may not be made up (labs, field trips, etc.).


                The student will be given credit for properly completed assignments and a grade on any made-up tests.


    Vacations during the School Year

    Parents are encouraged not to take their child out of school for vacations.  When a family vacation must be scheduled during the school year, the parents should discuss the matter with the principal to make necessary arrangements.  It may be possible for the student to receive certain assignments that are to be completed during the trip.  If approved, the student must complete the pre-arranged absence form and file it with the attendance secretary prior to the planned absence.


Last Modified on October 23, 2006