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District Transportation Center

2462 Liberty Road
Delaware, Ohio  43015

Butch Rice, Transportation Supervisor
Tammy Cain, Assistant Supervisor
Tammy Presthus, Dispatcher
Tim Morrow, Dispatcher
 Transporation Building
The Delaware City School district operates 41 buses that cover approximately 41 square miles.  The staff travels in excess of 1,600 miles per day and over 288,000 miles per year.
Children living beyond the following walking limits are entitled to bus transportation:

        A.    Kindergarten                                            one mile

        B.    Grades 1-6                                               one mile

        C.    Grades 7 - 12                                           one mile

Exceptions to the foregoing limits may be made in the case of a temporarily or permanently disabled child who has been certified by a physician and in the case of adverse safety conditions.

Transportation request forms are completed as part of the new student registration process.  New student registration is processed at the district's central office at 74 W. William Street.