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    What is Abitibi?
    Abitibi is a recycling company that specializes in recycling paper. Paper Retriever is a unique paper recycler of newspapers and magazines. Paper Retriever has been providing free paper recycling services for more than 12 years.

    Is This for the Neighborhood?
    Yes! The recycling bin is not only for our school but for our neighbors in the community. Simply drop your paper into the recycling bin day or night. Our school benefits by getting a certain amount of money for every ton collected. For example, if our school collects 3 tons, we would collect $15. The more paper collected, the more the school earns.
    What Can We Collect?
    The following items can be put into the recycling bin:

    ➢ Newspapers
    ➢ Magazines (including glossy)
    ➢ Shopping catalogs
    ➢ Old mail
    ➢ Office papers
    ➢ School papers
    ➢ Envelopes

    The following items CANNOT be put into the recycling bin:
    ➢ Cardboard
    ➢ Cereal/soda cartons
    Includes food wrap and tissue products
    ➢ Phone books
    ➢ Plastic
    ➢ Glass

    Please support our recycling efforts by letting your neighbors know they can recycle their paper at our school!