• Rutherford B. Hayes High School
    289 Euclid Avenue, Delaware, Ohio 43015
    Phone: (740)833-1010    Fax: (740)833-1099
    Educational Hours for 2020-2021 school year:  7:25am - 2:30 pm
    Mission Statement
    Our mission as Hayes High School staff is to provide exceptional educational opportunities that challenge each individual to become a responsible member of society, supported by a community that shares a common vision of excellence.
    We hereby commit ourselves to school and district initiatives at all levels so that continuous improvements in the quality of learning will occur for all staff, students and parents.

    We will provide exceptional, challenging learning opportunities for each student according to developmentally appropriate schedules for his or her learning goals.
    We will strive to meet our internal and external customer's needs.
    Vision Statement
    We, the students and staff, provide an opportunity for all people to experience life and learning in an atmosphere that is meaningful, comfortable, and fun.  We have a sense of pride and achievement in our work together.  We take care of each other and our surroundings.  Our community encourages and stimulates curiosity and enthusiasm in a diverse environment open to all ideas.
    It is the school community's obligation to engage students in quality work experiences that challenge them to learn more and to meet increasingly higher expectations.
    • Students, and the work students are expected to do, should be the focus of all school activity.
    • All faculty and staff work to provide an environment conducive to engaging students in quality work, where students accept the ultimate responsibility for their education.
    • All faculty and staff and students treat each other with dignity and respect.
    • Faculty and staff are leaders in the school community.
    • Principals are leaders of leaders.
    • Faculty and staff shall encourage, support and assist in the development of programs and services to meet the needs of students.
    • The first and most important teachers of children are parents, guardians and other caregivers.  In this role, they are partners with faculty and staff and other school officials in the support of student success.
    • All students have the right to learn in a safe, caring, and nurturing climate where a spirit of cooperation and respect for others exists.
    • Developing quality work requires commitment to continuous professional growth on the part of faculty and staff.