• Work Permit Procedures

    Delaware City Schools


    Work permit packets are available in the main office or guidance office.




    1.     Student/Applicant must complete the STUDENT/APPLICANT INFORMATION section.  PARENT/GUARDIAN PLEASE NOTE:  Your signature needs to be witnessed by an issuing officer at Hayes High School.


    2.     Your employer must complete and sign the PLEDGE OF EMPLOYER section.


    3.   Your physician must complete and sign the PHYSICIAN’S CERTIFICATE section.


    4.     Bring the COMPLETED documents and your STATE ISSUED BIRTH CERTIFICATE for documentary proof of age to the Hayes High School Office.


    NOTE: Student and Parent/Guardian MUST sign documents at the Hayes Office in the presence of an issuing officer.


    5.     BOTH forms must be properly completed before a work permit will be issued.


    6.     Each change of employment within 12 months requires a new Pledge of Employer card.  (Physicals are valid for 1 year from the date of the physical.)


    7.     A work permit will not normally be processed the same day.  The permit should be processed within 2-3 working days.


    8.     Incomplete applications will be kept no longer than three (3) months.



    If you have any question regarding your work permit, direct them to the Hayes High School Office

     Phone:  740-833-1010.