• Required forms for School Offices to complete for Long-Term Substitute Teachers and Student Teachers 
    These forms provide vital information for the Tech Department to create and adjust account access for long-term subs and student teachers. 
    Before the Sub or Student teacher starts: Principals and/or Administrative Assistants must complete:
    • Long-Term Substitute/Student Teacher
      Complete this form as soon as you know who will be a Long-Term Sub or Student Teacher in your building. Then mark your calendar to remind yourself to complete the Return from Absence form.


    • Also please remind the teacher who is going on leave, or the teacher getting a Student Teacher, to complete the Tech Needs form


    Before the Teacher returns from Leave: Principals and/or Admin Assistants must complete:

    • Complete this form as soon as you know when a teacher is returning, so that access can be restored to the teacher at the correct time.
  • For Teachers going on Leave or getting a Student Teacher:
    Teachers: before you start your Leave, or the Student Teacher is to start, complete this Technology Needs form so the Tech Department knows which online tools you want your sub or student teacher to be able to access.

    Helpful Tip: Shortly before you are due to return to work, touch base with your school office to make sure they complete the Return from Leave form, so the Tech Department knows when it's time to switch the online tools back to you. 

Last Modified on February 3, 2023