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Proposed School Calendar

Delaware City Schools Board of Education held a first reading for the 2021-2022 school calendar on December 14. The school calendar was developed by a committee of teachers, classified staff and administrators in an effort to provide the greatest educational benefits to our students. It is difficult to create a school calendar that meets everyone's needs, but the following factors were considered by the calendar committee:
  • Meeting the required number of instructional hours at all grade levels
  • Creating a calendar with balanced semesters
  • Completing exams prior to winter break for high school students
  • Maximizing instructional days prior to state assessments and testing
  • Maintaining a full week for spring break
  • Developing a calendar that works with the state testing schedule at all grade levels

The Board of Education will receive public input for 30 days before adopting a school calendar at their February board meeting. Share your comments by sending an email to